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In late 2001 I got a call from Rob English stating that the Danbury Mint has chosen my truck for their next model. Shortly after that in mid December 2001, Dave Brinckerhoff from the Mint arrived at my shop with yard stick and cameras in hand..

He spent about five hours there, asking questions and taking lots of pictures. Over the next several months, Dave and I exchanged many E mails to work out every small detail. Along with questions, Dave would ask me to take more specific pictures and E mail them along to him.

In October 2002, Dave mailed me a prototype for Rob and I to critique so the final adjustments could be made. In February, 2003 the final product was ready for distribution..

The model is an amazing replica.  Right down to the Hydra-Matic, the wheels and tires, and the step plate it duplicates my truck in every way.
It looks like the put my truck in the dryer, and shrunk it.

Here is some of the paperwork the Danbury Mint used to announce the arrival of their newest model.  Working with them was a great experience, and I got a fantastic model out of the deal too !